About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Neumann Family Services is to integrate persons with disabilities into the community and enrich their quality of life with choice and independence.

Neumann Family Services integrates adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness into the heart of the community and enriches their quality of life with choice and independence.

Our staff helps each client translate his or her personal dreams into individualized life plans. Through life skills, training, personal development, and therapeutic intervention, the entire Neumann community helps our clients realize their dreams.

Our residential program provides a home to those who may otherwise be left behind in nursing homes, in shelters, or on the street.Our residents take pride in living in their own home.We currently have more than 40 Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) throughout the city of Chicago.
Our fulfilling day programs support daily life skills, provide meaningful social opportunities, and foster community integration for clients.Each person receives an individualized schedule that addresses his or her needs and interests.

We assist our clients by providing hands-on training and job placement services. We work with more than 50 employers and other agencies to help place our clients in employment of their choice and provide them with the tools to succeed in their jobs.

In addition to the services we provide, Neumann Family Services is positioned to change the dialogue around adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental illness and their contributions to society. We are working to broaden minds and inform society at large, as well as realize the individual dreams of our clients.

Our Core Values


Personal dreams and life plans are established by the individual and/or their families, friends and champions, and supported by the NFS staff.


Services directed toward community integration include persons with and without disabilities and benefit all participants. 


Members of the NFS are supported to be as independent as possible. Empowerment encompasses the principles of self-advocacy.


Supports are given in the natural community and settings, and include the development of community-based relationships and friendships.  

Evidenced-Based Best Practices:

Services provided are evidenced-based and supported through research and innovation. 



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